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After the storm: how the UK’s flood defences performed during the...

Thousands evacuated and one in six properties at risk – the

Balkan floods of May 2014: challenges facing flood resilience in a...

Major floods that swept through the Balkan region in 2014 have added

Central European floods 2013: a retrospective

As every flood event is different and brings new challenges, each

Cuadernos Urbanos acerca del proceso de reconstrucción nacional

El paisaje de las ciudades del norte del Perú se ha visto

Emmental, Switzerland floods of July 2014

An intense thunderstorm caused severe flooding in Emmental

Estableciendo prioridades para las inversiones de reconstrucción

Con frecuencia, los esfuerzos de recuperación a largo plazo se

Flooding after Storm Desmond

This report is produced as part of Zurich’s global flood

Floods in Boulder: A Study of Resilience

Boulder, Colorado, is prone to fires, floods and droughts. All

Helping Portugal cope with floods

In the final hours of October 2015,a powerful storm and heavy

Learning from El Niño Costero 2017: Opportunities for Building...

In January 2017, coastal waters off Peru warmed suddenly

Learning from French experiences with storm Xynthia; damages after...

On the 28th of February 2010 at 2 a.m. the storm Xynthia hit the

Managing El Niño Risks Under Uncertainty in Peru

Peru is a global hotspot for El Niño-related disaster risk, and

Morocco floods of 2014: what we can learn from Guelmim and Sidi Ifni

It doesn’t rain often in the desert, but when it does, the danger can

Prioritizing Recovery Spending: Lessons from the 2017 Peru Floods

Globally, long-term disaster recovery efforts typically

Prioritizing Recovery Spending: Lessons from the 2017 Peru Floods

Globally, long-term disaster recovery efforts typically focus

Resilient Resettlement: Lessons from the 2017 Peru Floods

Throughout Peru, there are significant populations living on

The great eastern Japan earthquake and Tsunami: Field observations...

he tsunami that hit the north pacific coast of Japan on March 11,

The PERC manual

The Post-Event Review Capability (PERC) is a systematic framework

Transforming Chennai

When Chennai India experienced its worst flood in a century on

Urgent case of recovery: what we can learn from the August 2014...

In mid-August 2014, three days of torrential monsoon rainfall led to

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