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Beat the Flood

In Bangladesh when you live near the river having a flood-proof house

Beat the flood: flood resistant homes in Bangladesh

Poor people are often the most vulnerable to natural disasters, such

Best Management Practices for Stormwater Runoff

This document gives an insight of management of stormwater

Biogas Use in Reconstruction

Biogas technology can provide essential energy services in

Case Studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific,...

Relocation and resettlement of the families affected by floods

Case Studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific, What...

The devastating flood of 2000 brought to public attention the need

Colapso de Estructuras de Galpones Durante Tormentas Severas

En varias ocasiones, tormentas que se desarrollaron sobre la

Colapso del sistema de protección de una alcantarilla ferroviaria...

Este trabajo documenta la falla de una estructura hidráulica de

Community Shelter Home

The technical innovation described in this document has been


This chapter discusses about the dry proffing as a way to

El alcantarillado sanitario como modelo global de construcción de...

Las prácticas de saneamiento promovidas actualmente son de dos tipos:

Engineering Principles and Practices

This manual has been prepared by the Federal Emergency Management

Flood Resistant Housing

Bangladesh has regular floods putting people at risk. This

Flood Risk Mitigation planning is a key

This document focuses that the planning has to become integral

Flood walls and Levees

This chapter focuses on floodwall and levees as barriers that can

Gestión de riesgo de gerenciamiento de puentes con modelos de...

Conservar más de 2000 puentes en las mejores condiciones

Homeowners Guide to Retrofitting

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has prepared this

Invertir en infraestructura que responda a los riesgos para...

Aunque es un problema global, la gestión efectiva del riesgo

Investing in risk-informed infrastructure to support flood resilience

Despite being a global issue, effective flood risk management is

Low Cost, Low Tech Disaster Proof Shelter

This document provides a simple, illustrative manual on how to

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