• Flood Resilience Portal

    The Flood Resilience Portal provides practitioners who live and work in flood-affected communities with easy access to the resources they need to build resilience to floods

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  • Flood Risk

    Floods are one of the greatest threats to human well-being and development, affecting over 250 million people every year (UNISDR, 2013). Communities living in poverty are at the greatest risk,

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  • Flood Resilience Game

    Flood resilience game allows players to experience, explore, and learn about the flood risk of communities in river valleys. The game is designed to help participants – such as NGO staff

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Children aren’t liabilities in disasters – they can help, if...

Our world is becoming increasingly vulnerable to fire, flood and other natural hazards. While our instinct as adults may be to shield children from these possibilities, this does them a real disservice.

Engineers and the Environment – natural allies in our fight for...

John Curtin from the UK Environment Agency talks about how a careful blend of hard and soft engineering solutions, and a better understanding of 'place', can help achieve flood resilience within the government's 25-year environment plan   

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