• Flood Resilience Portal

    The Flood Resilience Portal provides practitioners who live and work in flood-affected communities with easy access to the resources they need to build resilience to floods

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  • Flood Resilience Game

    Flood resilience game allows players to experience, explore, and learn about the flood risk of communities in river valleys. The game is designed to help participants – such as NGO staff

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Better forecast, better preparedness – investing in improved we...

Sun or rain? Most of us rely on the daily weather forecast to know what to wear or whether to bring an umbrella. However, for millions of people living in flood prone areas, timely and accurate forecasts, as well as early warning, can impact more than just clothing choices –they can help minimize flooding impacts.

Why we need to restore floodplains

Floods can be inconvenient. Large floods can be downright disastrous. Small, regular floods that inundate riverside floodplains are essential to a river’s health, and provide a wide variety of benefits to wildlife, fish and people. When we manage rivers wisely, we can keep communities safe and enjoy all of the benefits healthy rivers provide.

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