About the portal

The Flood Resilience Portals are online spaces for sharing practical knowledge about why and how to build community flood resilience. They bring together all of the knowledge generated and exchanged through the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, alongside resources from other organisations and researchers who work on flood resilience. 

  • There are currently five Flood Resilience Portals: four local Portals in national or regional languages with knowledge specifically curated for those building flood resilience in Latin America, Nepal, Bangladesh, and West Africa, and this English language Portal serving as a global knowledge platform on flood resilience.
  • The multi-sectoral nature of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance – together with external partnerships with peers – ensures a unique diversity and richness of content for the Portals, whilst remaining clearly focused on floods and community resilience.
  • At the heart of the Portals is a central resource repository which is accessible through all of the Portals.
  • People can engage directly as a community of practice with the Portals: by sharing resourcesasking questions, or through our social media channels and regular newsletters.

The Flood Resilience Portals are aimed at people who are living and working in flood prone areas, or for the benefit of those who do, including: local government, development NGOs, community-based organisations (and community members), researches, and investors or donors supporting the development of flood resilience measures.

Watch this short video for an introduction to the portal and how best to utilise the different features: 

The portal team welcomes any feedback, queries and inputs on the Flood Resilience Portal.

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