Nature-based solutions are key to advancing climate adaptation. These are approaches that work with nature, not against it – from restoring wetlands, which can protect against storms, to conserving forests that stabilize soil and slow water runoff. Mangrove forests, for example, save an estimated $80 billion per year in avoided losses from coastal flooding globally, […]

01 April, 2021

As the climate emergency unfolds all around us in the developing world, donors are increasingly sponsoring projects intended to reduce people’s suffering. In Nepal too, such projects are burgeoning. A suite of studies, however, warn that many such projects are making people’s lives worse, not better.

29 March, 2021

On the latest International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction the Albanian Red Cross partnered with the National Agency for Civil Protection, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, and the Ministry of Education and visited schools, city centres and town halls across the country to raise awareness about hazards like floods and build a culture […]

19 March, 2021