Understanding the risk of urban floods

From the Oasis Hub, this blog looks at how, globally, climate change is likely to increase urban flood risk in the future. Understanding this risk through high quality data is the first line of defence against these floods, see how Oasis Hub can help you to better understand the risk in your city.


Living with Climate Change: Resilience to urban flooding

This week is the EU’s Green Week, which will focus on building sustainable cities in the face of climate change.  To mark this David Nash, head of the Zurich Z Foundation, focuses on the special challenges that affect how people in cities are coping.


Regional collaboration for better flood early warning and resilience in India

India is increasingly threatened by floods, and its resilience depends on successful trans-boundary early warning systems. During a national workshop, organized by Practical Action, key stakeholders came together from across the region to discuss how a successful flood early warning system could be designed and implemented. Here they share their insights and actions for the future:   


Flood Protection Infrastructure: The Fine Line Between Disaster Generation and Disaster Prevention

This PERC looks back at the the effects of hurricane Harvey on Houston in 2018. The review raises some serious questions about current flood mitigation and protection strategies, and asks if the infrastructure is in fact protecting citizens or simply generated further risk. 


A Flood Resilience Measurement Tool: Concern’s experience in Afghanistan

In 2015, Concern applied to join the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and received funding to start a new project to promote resilience to floods in 12 Afghan communities. As part of this project, Concern piloted a Flood Resilience Measurement Tool (FRMT) developed by the Alliance, and has used the insights generated by the tool to design and implement flood-resilience interventions.  


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