Impact of sediment dynamics on flood risk in the Karnali River basin

In this blog post, Dr. Dilip Gautam (Senior DRR Consultant – PAC) considers sediment and flooding dynamics within the Karnali basin. In most of the current flood risk management practices, the role of sediment dynamics is not dealt with sufficiently. Sedimentation of river channel and floodplain has serious impacts on aggravating flood risks in alluvial river system. This blog focuses on the relationship of sediment dynamics and flood risks in Karnali River basin of Nepal. The idea is to integrate sediment dynamics in flood forecast modelling and follow comprehensive approach on flood risk management with due consideration on control of erosion and sedimentation.


A critical review on water resource development and its sustainable management in the Karnali River basin

This blog post by Madhab Uprety (Practical Action Consulting) explores the basin-scale water resource management of the Karnali River and critically examines how often the water resource development projects are undertaken in a coordinated way considering the ecological benefits of the river. He highlights the need of comprehensive river basin plans and thorough understanding of complex river dynamics for sustainable water management and biodiversity conservation.


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