Collaborative mapping creating local flood resilience with global impact

Worldwide, floods are becoming more intense and unpredictable every year. Communities in developing countries face many barriers to protecting themselves, their homes and their livelihoods from these floods. But a new digital mapping approach, developed by the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, is helping people to understand this risk, prepare for floods and protect themselves.


Walls — and neighbors — protect against Danube flooding

Strong community ties can keep people safe during catastrophes, say experts. So what can the residents of a flood-prone Austrian town teach us about facing extreme weather in the age of climate change?


Himalayan Storm Watchers Save Lives

This article describes how ICIMOD have utilised cutting edge location-based technology from Esri to move from disaster response to disaster resilience in the Himalayas. 


Understanding the risk of urban floods

From the Oasis Hub, this blog looks at how, globally, climate change is likely to increase urban flood risk in the future. Understanding this risk through high quality data is the first line of defence against these floods, see how Oasis Hub can help you to better understand the risk in your city.


Living with Climate Change: Resilience to urban flooding

This week is the EU’s Green Week, which will focus on building sustainable cities in the face of climate change.  To mark this David Nash, head of the Zurich Z Foundation, focuses on the special challenges that affect how people in cities are coping.


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