WEBINAR: Flood risk and resilience under climate change – Is Europe up to the job?

27 September 2022

Join members of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance for an exploration of how extreme flood events have impacted Western Europe in recent years, most notably during the Bernd flood event that caused catastrophic damage and loss of life in 2021.

Expert speakers will light on the current challenges around flood risk management, resilience and climate change adaptation in Europe from different angles including academic, industry and NGO perspectives. The presentations will provide an overview of current flood risk hotspots, learnings from recent flood events, community flood resilience and the role of insurance in climate change adaptation across Europe.

Where/when? Tuesday 27th September, 10am-11am BST. Register here.

Speakers: Sara Mehryar (GRI-LSE), Viktor Rozer (GRI-LSE), Michael Szonyi (Zurich), and more.

Chair: Swenja Surminski (Marsh McLennan)

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