Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks

27 April 2021

Every year, the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks brings together more than 2000 experts in crisis preparedness and response from over 350 organizations and countries. On April 27 Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance partners are participating in a Connected Talk on Climate Crisis, Nexus, Anticipatory Action.

Climate Crisis, Nexus, Anticipatory Action

Tuesday 27 April 15.00-16.0 (BST) Register here.  

Climate change is already affecting the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, with major consequences for those living in extreme poverty.

Unless urgent action is taken now, the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance annually due to the climate crisis could double by 2050.

These impacts are not inevitable. With sufficient investment in climate change adaptation, peoples’ lives and livelihoods can be protected.

However, analysis has shown that there remains a huge gap between adaptation investment and need, and existing funding is not being targeted at the countries and people most vulnerable to climate change.

The speakers in this session will highlight the impacts of climate change in fragile and conflict-affected contexts and present research on the gaps in climate adaptation funding.

The session will explore the challenges and opportunities in directing funding to the countries and people who need it most.

The session will be facilitated by UN OCHA. Four presentations will be followed by discussion in breakout groups.

Find out more about the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships weeks here. 

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