Weather and Society Conference

The Weather and Society Conference, hosted by the World Weather Research Programme, takes place online from February 26th to March 1st 2024. Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance colleagues from Practical Action will be presenting their work related to Early Warning Systems (EWS) in the following sessions:

Session 3, 28th February 8:45-9:45 UTC – Challenges and Innovations in Dissemination and Communication for Early Warning Systems in Bangladesh: A Focus on Practical Action’s Approaches

In this session, Tamanna Rahman, Climate and Resilience Thematic Lead, will be sharing experiences, approaches, and lessons learned in taking a people-centred approach to developing multi-channel dissemination and tailored communication strategies to support inclusive Early Warning Systems in Bangladesh. Tamanna will discuss strategies for moving beyond pilot projects and collaboration with government institutions for sustainability and scale.

Poster session, 29th February 9:45-11:00 UTC – Putting the First Mile First: Empowering and Integrating Communities in Early Warning Systems for Proactive Response

This session presented by Mirianna Budimir, Senior Climate and Resilience Expert, on behalf of Practical Action’s EWS experts, will leverage Practical Action’s extensive experience across Latin America, Africa and South Asia to extract valuable lessons and examples. The focus will be on reorienting EWS priorities by starting with the ultimate goal—early action and reduced disaster impact—and working backward along the value chain.

The discussion will delve into barriers and challenges within the fourth component of EWS, touching upon issues of trust, social inequality, the ability to act, support mechanisms, safe spaces, practical knowledge, and the execution of appropriate actions. Mirianna will present strategies to extend beyond majority populations, ensuring the incorporation of the needs of the most vulnerable into response preparedness.

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