Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities(FRMC)

Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities

Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities

The Zurich Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) was created by the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance in 2013 and is an innovation in community flood resilience theory and practice. It allows users to generate evidence about the ways in which a given area or community is already resilient to floods, as well as providing a guide to further develop this resilience.

Here you can access the FRMC web-based tool and guidance on how to apply the framework. To find out more about the process, hear from practitioners who use it with communities, and understand whether the Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities can support your work visit this page instead.

Access the tool

The app and supporting website for the FRMC is private and closed, not for public use. It is password protected and only accessible for trained users from the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance. For more information please email Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance at: info@floodresilience.net.

Training Version

Access training version of the tool or see how you can use it using the Guide below

User Guide

Production Version

Access live version of the tool or see how you can use it using the Guide below

User Guide

Android App

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iOS App

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Understanding the FRMC

This document provides detail on the conceptual framework behind the Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) and explains how it is applie

A major gap in understanding community flood resilience is a lack of an empirically validated measure of it. To fill this gap, the Zurich Flood Resili

This document explains the process of using the Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) tool and the various roles and responsibilities in

This guide provides information and advice to help you gather high quality information working with the community. This guide has been written for eve

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Note on Intellectual Property

  1. The Flood Resilience Measurement for Communities (FRMC) has been developed as a product of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance (the Alliance) and consists of
    1. the measurement framework and associated materials,
    2. a hybrid online and mobile app-based software tool, and
    3. the data the measurement generates.
  2. The FRMC framework and associated materials were developed by organizations working through the Alliance. The framework and associated materials are the joint intellectual property of the Alliance. Materials pertaining to the FRMC may be used and reproduced freely for research and non-profit purposes only.
  3. The software: Zurich Insurance contracted and paid IBM to develop and maintain the FRMC software, and hence Zurich owns the IP that is the software and associated technical guidance. Use of the software may be provided for non-commercial purposes only.
  4. The data: All data are collected in accordance with ethical data collection practices, and are anonymous at the individual and household levels. The data within the tool ultimately are controlled by the organizations that collected it. As a condition of using the framework, all organizations have agreed that data will be stored in a central database and be used for research purposes following the signing of an access agreement that Zurich is managing.
  5. Use-rights: The Alliance are keen for the FRMC to be used as widely as possible, within the time-frame of the current phase running until 2023. Existing partners are encouraged to expand use of the tool within the remit of the Alliance. The Alliance invites expressions of interest by new organizations wishing to use the FRMC by filling out an access request in this document or emailing info@floodresilience.net

Using the FRMC in practice

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