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Draw up flood contingency plans

Protection should also include flood emergency and contingency plans outlining what can be protected temporarily as a flood event is unfolding; this must include sufficient lead warning time to execute the plan. Depending on the type of operations, one to two hours’ advance notice may be enough to protect or evacuate key assets in a retail or private home environment, while larger operations need more time and preparation. When an event is imminent, warnings need to be sent in the right sequence and to the right audience so they are understood and can be heeded. Examples from Zurich clients and others have shown that well-prepared and well-executed emergency and contingency plans have great merit. However, they require practice and should be updated as situations change. The next large flood event will certainly come, but we cannot predict when and where it will occur. The next one could be caused by intense precipitation leading to widespread surface flooding. Zurich has provided information on how to prepare for such a scenario. Please visit http:// growing-threat-surface-water-floodingurban- areas/ to understand how built-up areas can be made more resilient to surface water flooding.

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