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Encourage people to take measures to reduce risk before an event occurs.

If someone expects to receive funds to cover damage after an event like a flood, they may be less willing to invest in prevention. Governments could encourage people to take preventative measures by making pay-outs only when they took prior steps toward prevention and obtaining insurance coverage. Support for marginalized and vulnerable groups needs to be considered separately, but a situation in which a large part of the population fails to take steps to reduce risks and get cover, especially given the increasing frequency and severity of weather-related events, is unsustainable.

Author: Zurich Insurance
Published Date: July, 2018
DRM Cycle: Corrective Risk Reduction, Reconstruction
Flood Type: Flash
4Rs: Rapidity
Publisher: Zurich Insurance
Language: English
Theme: Assets and Livelihoods
Capital: Human, Financial
Country: Germany

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