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Improve coordination between all levels and sectors of government and between government and other entities.

Disaster response occurs at the local level, primarily conducted by local government, non-government, and civil society. Yet the majority of the funding and capacity for response is currently held at the regional and national levels, and even at those levels is strongly divided by institution and sector. Improved coordination between the local level and regional and national governments and across sectors and institutions within government will enable stronger, more timely response, better utilization of resources, and more accurate targeting of resources to address the greatest need. As part of this effort, technical capacity and expertise should be clearly identified and mechanisms developed for sharing information at all times, not just during disaster. Flow of information — not just from the top down but also from the bottom up — should be emphasized. This is particularly true for the COEN/COER/COEL system.

Language: English
Theme: Governance
Capital: Human, Social
Country: Peru

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