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Leverage the potential benefits of disaster events.

Reconstruction can be leveraged to support social recovery. Post-disaster, there is always a surge of infrastructure repair and reconstruction. Policies requiring local hiring and utilization of local construction companies can provide needed employment to residents who have lost livelihoods and assets and need support to recover. Similarly, though agriculture and fisheries are both typically heavily impacted by El Niño events, El Niños also bring opportunities such as abundant water, the ability to cultivate diverse crops, and lagoon fisheries. Building public-private partnerships with agribusiness and fisheries in advance of El Niño events with the goal of leveraging these opportunities could offset some of the losses caused by El Niño and aid economic recovery.

Author: Practical Action;ISET;Zurich Foundation
Published Date: November, 2017
DRM Cycle: Reconstruction
Flood Type: River
Language: English
Theme: Assets and Livelihoods
Capital: Human, Social, Financial
Country: Peru

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