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Post-event measures: Access to information andproviding information

There should be a general move to provide information more on a ‘push’ basis, as opposed to ‘pull,’ and education needs to be available for people who need it most. People at risk are often not even aware that there is a warning or a requirement in building codes that applies to them. They might not think that they are specifically at risk or affected by it. They might be aware that flood information is available, or that there is a warning, but they then choose to disregard it, as they believe reading it is unnecessary. With a push approach, government authorities or educational facilities must tailor the information to the audience. They would actively provide information through a range of channels (radio and TV, brochures, house-to-house campaigns,invitations to discussions, etc.). Section 3.2 (page 32) also refers to some good, but all too infrequent, examples.

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