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A Comparison of Residential Flood Insurance Markets in 25 Countries

Recognizing the growing interest in improving resilience to flood risk around the world and the role that insurance can play in that regard, several countries are debating what national flood insurance solutions they should have in place, or how to improve the current situations. Insurers are...

Determing Cost effectiveness

This chapter discusses the importance of cost effectiveness while selectine the flood mitigation measures.

Flooding, homes and loss insurance as a risk-transfer mechanism in Vietnam

This policy brief highlights flood insurance as an important aspect to reduce the risk of flood. Households in heavily flooded areas are especially interested in government-supplied insurance. This means that there is a clear role for government involvement in index-based insurance,...

Innovation in Disaster Risk Financing for Developing Countries: Public and Private Contributions

This report aims to advance the dialogue on creative, forward-looking solutions for developing countries by presenting recent innovations on disaster risk financing and insurance developed by the private markets as well as the international donor community, from the macro (government) level down...

Insuring Flood Risk in Asia High-Growth Markets

The Geneva Association is publishing this report, focusing on flooding, arguably Asia biggest and most complex exposure in the long run. The study addresses the following key questions: What is the regional and global relevance of underinsured flood risks in Asia high-growth markets?, What are...

Why you need Flood Insurance?

This document depicts the need of flood insurance as a method of preparedness.

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