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Beat the Flood

In Bangladesh when you live near the river having a flood-proof house is essential. TV presenter Ortis Deley explains how having materials with the right properties is important when designing a house. Helping communities become flood-proof is a good example of #techjustice in action.

Best Management Practices for Stormwater Runoff

This document gives an insight of management of stormwater runoff through retention and detention pond.

Biogas Use in Reconstruction

Biogas technology can provide essential energy services in a post-disaster context.

Case Studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific, Demonstration Housing Construction...

Relocation and resettlement of the families affected by floods and landslides that occurred during May 2003 in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, forms the backdrop for this case study.Several public and private sector organisations including the NGOs were involved in this effort. SLUMDMP considered a ...

Case Studies on mitigating disasters in Asia and the Pacific, What is the Appropriate Mitigation...

The devastating flood of 2000 brought to public attention the need for appropriate actions to minimize future social and economic losses in Hat Yai and Thailand. This case study shows how partners of the Thailand Urban Disaster Mitigation Project (TUDMP) have worked together to plan and implement...

Colapso de Estructuras de Galpones Durante Tormentas Severas

En varias ocasiones, tormentas que se desarrollaron sobre la región central de la República Argentina han producido daños de variada magnitud en estructuras livianas, particularmente galpones y silos. La magnitud de los daños va desde el arrancamiento de algunas chapas de la cubierta hasta la...

Community Shelter Home

The technical innovation described in this document has been piloted under the 'Community based adoption in vulnerable coastal area of Bangladesh', a sub-project under the 'RETA 6422: Mainstreaming Environment for Poverty Reduction Project' of the Asian Development Bank and Practical Action. It...


This chapter discusses about the dry proffing as a way to protect structures from flood damage

Engineering Principles and Practices

This manual has been prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with assistance from other groups to assist local governments, engineers, architects, and property owners involved in planning and implementing residential flood retrofitting projects. Its objective is to provide...

Flood Resistant Housing

Bangladesh has regular floods putting people at risk. This brief describes some flood resistant housing options.

Flood Risk Mitigation planning is a key

This document focuses that the planning has to become integral component to addredd loss prevention, risk mitigation.

Flood walls and Levees

This chapter focuses on floodwall and levees as barriers that can be helpful to protect the structures from damage due to flood

Homeowners Guide to Retrofitting

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has prepared this guide specifically for homeowners who want to protect their homes from flooding. It provides clear information about the options available to you and straightforward guidance that will help you make decisions. This guide is designed...

Investing in risk-informed infrastructure to support flood resilience

Despite being a global issue, effective flood risk management is highly complex and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to implement universally. Investment in infrastructure is a cost-effective way to ensure flood resilience, but it must be risk-informed and be part of an integrated flood...

Low Cost, Low Tech Disaster Proof Shelter

This document provides a simple, illustrative manual on how to build stronger and more disaster resilient houses in Cambodia. Tested in many disaster prone countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma as well as Cambodia under the Building disaster resilient communities DIPECHO project, it...

Managing Flash Flood Risk in the Himalayas

This information sheets summarises the major causes of flash floods in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region, and the different approaches that can be used to reduce the potential impacts. There are three key messages of the information sheet includes i) Due to local characteristics and the sudden...

Preparacion de Viviendas

Preparación de viviendas ante desastres

Resource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management Module3: Structural Measures

The manual emphasizes throughout that structural measures are most effective and sustainable when implemented together with appropriate non-structural measures. The resource manual is aimed at junior to mid-level professionals with a civil engineering background. The aim is to build the capacity...

Role of Dams for Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control

Large dams, distinct from smaller ones, enable larger storage of water at suitable places, thus saving on multiplicity of efforts which would be needed to construct several smaller ones. This document gives the insight of role of dams for irrigation, Drainage and flood control

Selecting appropriate mitigation measures for flood-prone structures

The intended users of this manual are state and local officials with the responsibility to reduce or eliminate risk of property damage and human suffering during flooding. This manual is designed to support mitigation activities by providing technical guidance on the most appropriate protection...

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