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Appropriate transport options for the rural communities in post disaster situations: introduction

This suggests some appropriate transport options for the rural communities in post disaster situations

Cities and Climate Change: Building Resilience

Climate change is hitting South Africa hard. Summer rainfall areas are becoming drier than ever, and drought is plaguing parts of the country. With the significant drop in dam levels, urban areas are experiencing chronic water shortages. The growing water crisis affects the population, crop...

Economic Costs of the 2009 Floods in the Fiji Sugar Belt and Policy Implications

The key objectives of this study are to: assess the economic costs of the recent floods on the sugarcane farmers sugar cane production and household livelihood and cane access roads and farm drainage infrastructure; and to dentify policy options for minimising flood related disaster risk in the...

Improving flood early warning lead time in Nepal

The lower Karnali basin in western Nepal is vulnerable to sudden onset floods. Practical Action has been working with communities in the Karnali floodplains for the past decade, working in partnership with the Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM), to develop a simple, low-tech,...

Information management and communications in emergencies and disasters

This manual focuses on operational aspects of disaster and emergency response as well as preparing for disasters. It addresses plans for communicating with the public during emergencies and techniques for producing, exchanging, and distributing information for humanitarian organizations....

Installation of Display board at DEOC Kailali

Three display boards have also been installed at DEOC with the financial, equipment and technical support from SAFER-Nepal Project a project of Mercy Corps Nepal. The boards show the water levels of Karnali at Chisapani, Mohana at Malakheti and rainfall level of Bhaktapur, Nigali. The people of...

Use of Radio Spectrum for Meteorology: Weather, Water and Climate Monitoring and Prediction

The Handbook provides comprehensive technical and operational information on current observation applications and systems and on the use of radio frequencies by meteorological systems, including meteorological satellites, radiosondes, weather radars, wind profiler radars and spaceborne remote...

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