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A dual disaster handbook: 6 recommendations for local leaders responding to floods during Covid-19

In 2020, local leaders across the United States will likely face an unprecedented threat that requires significant collective action: a flood that hits during the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout. This “dual disaster” will likely be widespread: 128 million Americans are at risk of flooding this spring, and the country is likely to see more hurricanes than normal this season. Also, since flooding and COVID-19 both compound existing inequalities, populations that disproportionately experience social injustices concerning health, employment, and the environment will likely experience the worst consequences if local, state, and federal leaders do not plan and prepare robust dual disaster responses. This handbook for local leaders provides six recommendations for preparing for a flood during COVID-19. While the specific dual disaster response will look slightly different for each community, proactively planning an equitable response is essential everywhere and is especially important as communities face multiple threats

American Flood Coalition

Language: English
Pubished By: American Flood Coalition
Pubished date: June 2020

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