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A toolkit for procuring resilience

The Procuring Resilience Opportunities (PRO) Toolkit focuses on ways cities and utilities can immediately work within their current procurement systems to enable better resilience outcomes. Local procurement processes have the potential to either enable this transition or stymie it completely. Most existing procurement processes make it easiest for governments and public authorities to buy what they already have, provided by companies they’ve already worked with before. This bias toward the familiar can keep decision-makers trapped in a ‘pieces-and-parts’ replacement approach, even when solutions are available that could enable more cost-effective upgrades, replacements, or wholesale transformation. The objective of this toolkit is to help small and medium-sized cities access new ideas, new partners, and new resources for their highest priority legacy water system needs by piloting a set of procurement tools already being used with success in big cities.
Author: Kresge Foundation; The Atlas Marketplace
Language: English
Pubished By: re:focus partner
Pubished date: 2018

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