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Avoiding a perfect storm: COVID-19 and floods in Nepal

COVID-19 is a serious risk for flood vulnerable communities in Nepal as the monsoon season begins in earnest while Corona virus cases are increasing and the Nepalese economy is struggling with lock down and reduction in remittances from those working abroad. Eighty percent of Nepal is vulnerable to multiple hazards, with flooding one of the most frequent and devastating occuring particularly during monsoon season June-September. Floods cause people to congregate on higher grounds and seek safety in crowded evacuation shelters. Floods and their resulting impacts, such as loss of housing, damage to critical infrastructure including health facilities, congregated sheltering, and exposure to contaminated water, can further exacerbate socio-economic conditions of communities. To enable action to reduce the risks facing communities Mercy Corps and Practical Action conducted an assessment of 46 Community Disaster Management Committees (CMDC) across 5 districts to understand the state of flood vulnerable populations and provide recommendations for governments, donors and communities to better prepare for the coming monsoon season and the compound risks caused by COVID-19.

Okura, Yoko; Neupane, Sajan; Rana, Bikram

Language: English
Published By: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Published date: June 2020

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