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AXA Research Guide: Building Resilient Cities

There are many ways to help cities plan for the future. First, we need to understand risks at stake to allow anticipation. Second, we must foster awareness so that populations, governments and private organizations are well informed and can make the right decisions. And third, we need to share research data to help governments and city planners build appropriate solutions, including infrastructure. At AXA we are convinced that research is key to effectively tackle the global challenges facing our societies. Scientists are central to the production of knowledge that is essential for the design and implementation of successful prevention and mitigation strategies. That’s why we are supporting around twenty best-in-class researchers who work on various resilience fields including urbanization, climate hazards, migration flows, impacts on human health, and infrastructure. By fostering scientific exchanges and knowledge sharing, we can influence decision-makers and bring about the behavioral changes needed to create the resilient cities of tomorrow. Cross-sector collaborations, with academia and through strong public-private partnerships, are key. This “Resilient Cities Guide” aims at giving to a wide audience a snapshot of the state of the art of the topic and a demonstration of the relevance of cross-sector collaborations already engaged.
Author: AXA Insurance
Language: English
Pubished By: AXA Insurance
Pubished date: February 2018

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