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Beyond Katrina: Lessons in creating resilient communities

As the United States reflects on the decade since Katrina, there are many lessons learned that enable us to create a more resilient future, which are detailed in this paper. Through Zurich’s risk management work across the U.S. and around the world, coupled with Wharton’s analysis of the decision processes, economic, financial and insurance features of natural disasters, it is our jointly held view that too many communities, too many sectors of society, and too many individuals have not embraced the difficult truth of Katrina— that the time is now to prepare for the next disaster. The lack of preparation leaves many vulnerable to the potential of financially devastating losses from future hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters. Steps must be taken now to reduce our exposure through investing in cost-effective measures and improving our capacity to bounce back after a catastrophe. The purpose of this paper is both to highlight the larger policy issues around resilience and to propose specific risk management programs based on forwardthinking models of resilience currently underway.
Author: Zurich Insurance; Wharton
Language: English
Pubished By: Zurich Insurance
Pubished date: 2015

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