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Build Back Better: Resilience of Vulnerable Populations and COVID-19

For poor countries and vulnerable populations, COVID-19 is a perfect storm. People living in poverty, in informal settlements, and slums, and uprooted by war and persecution already face multiple risks every day, including climate change. Now they face the health, economic, and livelihood impacts of this crisis. Meanwhile, climate change impacts add a threat multiplier: cyclones and hurricanes threaten island states in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Caribbean; droughts, insect outbreaks, and floods could destroy crops on a massive scale from Africa to Asia, hurting food security. It is not too late for the world to come together and reduce the scale of the humanitarian crisis before us. Already, many communities and local organizations are creating innovative solutions. International actors are stepping up as well — but more must be done. Global solidarity is more important now than ever. How can response and recovery to COVID-19 build longer-term resilience to enable communities and countries to better prepare for future health and climate risks? What actions are needed to help countries and communities build back better to create jobs, improve economic security, and fill development deficits? Listen to this webinar to hear from a diverse group of speakers representing vulnerable communities on the frontlines and international aid agencies, along with Global Commission on Adaptation Co-Director and WRI Climate Resilience Practice Director Christina Chan.
Author: van Aalst, Maarten; Atieno, Rosemary; Patel, Sheela; Åkesson, Ulrika; Chan, Christina
Language: English
Pubished By: World Resource Institute
Pubished date: May 2020

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