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Building Stronger Classrooms to Withstand Hazards in Mozambique

This paper is part of a series highlighting the World Bank's achievements in disaster risk management initiatives. It presents the Safer Schools Initiative as part of Mozambique government s efforts to develop school safety guidelines for classroom facilities across the country and to ensure that Mozambique s schools are able to withstand large-scale damage by promoting the construction of safer buildings. It describes: (i) its context; (ii) the World Bank approach; (iii) the results and achievements; (iv) the lessons learned; and (iv) the next steps, including the continuation of the project through the financing of newly resilient primary education and rural secondary classrooms as well as the expansion of the initiative to other sectors and eventually promote sharing this experience with the region as a best practice.
Author: GFDRR
Language: English
Pubished By: GFDRR
Pubished date: 2015

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