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Building Urban Climate Resilience: Introducing a Practical Approach

The Climate Resilience Framework is a conceptual planning approach to building resilience to climate change. It is designed for practical application, and has been developed from and tested locally in a number of contexts. The CRF addresses the need for an approach that clarifies complex sources of vulnerability and addresses the complexities of climate adaptation, yet is simple enough for local practitioners to apply in their own context. The Climate Resilience Framework: Training Materials introduce the Climate Resilience Framework and provide city stakeholders with the information and tools necessary to design a climate resilience strategy. This report introduces the Climate Resilience Framework and Training Materials. Application of the framework and approach are then described in two case studies: the first from Gorakhpur, India is a successful example of the CRF in practice; the second from Quy Nhon, Vietnam is an example of the lack of resiliency in cities across the world and subsequently the great need for a framework like the CRF.
Author: MacClune, Karen; Orleans Reed, Sarah
Language: English
Pubished By: ISET-International
Pubished date: 2012

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