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Business Fights Poverty Podcast: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance

Meet Chris Anderson and David Nash. They are instrumental within the Zurich Floods Resilience Alliance. With floods affecting more people than any other natural hazard. They are 8 years into a 10-year programme. Their aim: to enhance flood resilience. With a focus on pre-event risk reduction. What is interesting about this conversation is the openness and willingness of Chris and David to share the insights into their partnership. Chris works for the development organisation Practical Action, whilst David works within the Z Zurich Foundation – the private foundation, funded by the Zurich Insurance Group. Together they reveal practical tips to make a collaboration work, ideas on deepening impact and leading edge thinking on emerging trends which will deeply affect the ability to end poverty.
Language: English
Pubished By: Business Fights Poverty
Pubished date: October 2020

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