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CityStrength diagnostic: methodological guidebook

This revised second edition of the Guidebook is designed for the implementation of the CityStrength Diagnostic, a World Bank tool for building resilience that specifically targets the urban context with a holistic approach that is inclusive of a diverse set of shocks and stresses and evaluates multiple sectors. This new methodology is evolving, reflecting state-of-the-art approaches to holistic urban resilience. As more cities implement the diagnostic, this Guidebook and other guidance materials will continue to be updated and revised. The Guidebook provides an introduction to urban resilience, offering guidance on initiating the CityStrength Diagnostic process, forming a strong implementation team and stakeholder coalition, and detailing the 5 main stages of the diagnostic. Each chapter offers step-by-step instructions, advice, and examples from the implementations of the tool in different contexts. A series of resources are provided with the Guidebook. Teams choosing to use the CityStrength Diagnostic to further a dialogue with a city client will receive support from the CityStrength Coordinator within the World Bank as well as access to a repository of useful materials such as templates, sample communications and agendas, and lessons learned from colleagues. Each implementation of the CityStrength Diagnostic will be different; every city has a unique set of attributes and development constraints. This Guidebook offers a framework that can be used by World Bank specialists to guide engagement with a client government or to obtain advice on matters specific to different stages. Each team’s experience will help to enrich the methodology. It is therefore important for each team to share its ideas and lessons learned with the aim of improving the Guidebook and the effectiveness of the CityStrength Diagnostic.
Author: Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery; The World Bank
Language: English
Pubished By: The World Bank
Pubished date: May 2018

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