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Climate Resilient and Disaster Safe Development: Process Framework Training Manual

The present training manual is an outcome of the study and an evolution and process guide manual over the previous version (2014) by contextualising to sub-national and urban context for synergising SFDRR with Paris Agreement and SDGs. Specifically, the manual presents a practical approach of CCA & DRR integration & mainstreaming for an effective and realistic DDMP, learning from Gorakhpur, Odisha & Almora. The process of Shared Learning Dialogues (SLD) with various district departments enhanced the understanding of different elements of vulnerability & put emphasis on further requirements to reduce the disaster risks along with overall development of the region.
Author: Gupta, A. K.;Singh, S.;Katyal, S.;Chopde, S.;Wajih, S. A.;Kumar, A
Language: English
Pubished By: ISET-International
Pubished date: August 2020

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