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Climate Risk And Impact Assessement Pekalongan

The Greater Pekalongan Area on the north coast of Java, comprised of Pekalongan City and Regency, is frequently affected by severe coastal and tidal flooding causing loss of income, assets, and productive land for the 1.2 million residents. Mercy Corps Indonesia, Diponegoro University, and Bogor Agricultural Institute, as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance program, conducted a climate risk and impact assessment of the Kupang River watershed and coastal areas of Pekalongan City and Pekalongan Regency, with the aim to support local governments to understand the underlying drivers, risks, and impacts of flooding; and inform policy development. The assessment consists of a hazard, vulnerability, and risk analysis; and an economic and non-economic impact analysis of coastal and tidal flood events.

Language: English
Published By: Mercy Corps Indonesia
Published date: July 2021

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