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Damage and loss data standards for BIPAD

Lack of clear standards and definitions is often considered as one of the major challenges in the compilation of reliable disaster loss data, as well as evidence-based disaster risk management and reduction. Sharing of information among different actors would be greatly facilitated by developing a common terminology and adopting standard measurement indicators, as well as interoperable assessment formats with a minimum set of standard indicators. The aim of this document is to provide guidance on recording and aggregating damage and loss data pertaining to human and economic impacts of disaster events in the context of Nepal. The report provides an assessment of existing sources of data together with their associated methodologies and presents definitional guidance that can be applied in future for creating and maintaining damage and loss database. The report provides a brief overview of some of the global damage and loss recording frameworks such as Desinvetar, EM-DAT and Natcat Service and the indicators used in these databases. For Nepal, and particularly in BIPAD context, only DesInventar could be used as a reference to the historical dataset given its wide spatial and temporal coverage as compared to other global databases. However, the Desinventar database does suffer from the lack of completeness and consistency.
Author: Panta, Niroj
Language: English
Pubished By: Youth Innovation Lab
Pubished date: 2020

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