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Digital and spatial technologies for DISASTER RISK ASSESSMENT

The Risk Assessment Platform (RAP) is an online tool for risk assessments that uses the Spatial Multi-Criteria Evaluation (SMCE) method1. It is used for carrying out risk assessments with spatial overlay of hazard and exposure layers and the vulnerabilities defined by the attributes of the layers. Exposure being a key part of the parameters of vulnerability, we have calculated risks as a function of hazard and vulnerability. The approach uses a powerful computational resource in the backend, the Google Earth Engine, to perform spatial overlay analysis, using the custom criteria set by users. RAP has facilities for uploading or importing hazard, exposure and vulnerability datasets and creating custom criteria by defining parameters and assigning weights for risk assessments. It is a user-controlled platform, whose end product is a risk map classified into different risk categories that depend on the type of data input and weightage assigned to each parameter.
Author: Parajuli, Binod Prasad; Joshi, Milan; Banskota, Preshika; Shakya, Puja; Sapkota, Sachin
Language: English
Pubished By: Practical Action Consulting
Pubished date: November 2020

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