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Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide

The Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide has been written to support YMCAs through the process of disaster preparedness by providing background information and explanations of what needs to be done. It is to be used in combination with the Disaster Preparedness Planning Toolkit, which contains the tools and activities necessary to put the process into practice. When used together, the Guide and Toolkit provide practical support in developing context specific plans, owned and led by the staff and members of their YMCA. It is not a set of guidelines or procedures to follow in the event of a disaster. The Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide and Toolkit is for YMCAs concerned with preparing for and responding to disasters which affect the communities they are part of. The process outlined here is very thorough and YMCAs wishing to follow it would benefit from prior experience of using participatory research and analysis tools. The Guide provides the narrative account of the process to be followed and is a source of information and reference. The Toolkit complements the Guide by providing detailed information on the activities with practical tips on how to gather and document information.
Author: Claire O’Meara
Language: English
Pubished By: Care International
Pubished date: 2011

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