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Disaster risk profile and existing legal framework of Nepal: floods and landslides

Flooding and landslides usually take place in the rainy season, which has a greater effect on the loss of property, structures, and lives of people. They cause considerable loss of lives, crops, lands, and infrastructure every year. The major causes of floods and landslides in Nepal are adverse geoclimatic conditions, massive rainfall, cloudbursts, glacial lake outburst floods, soil erosion, snowmelts, deforestation, water leakage, road construction, and infrastructure failure. The overall objective of this paper is to develop a disaster risk profile of Nepal focused mainly on water-induced disasters (floods and landslides) and analyze the existing legal framework of the country
Author: Surya Gaire, Rafael Castro Delgado, Pedro Arcos González
Language: English
Pubished By: Dove Press
Pubished date: 2015

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