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Disaster Risk Reduction and Management in Nepal: Delineation of roles and responsibilities

The primary objective of this study is to provide policy recommendations on the delineation of roles, responsibility and accountability of federal, provincial and local governments for disaster risk reduction and management according to the nature, intensity and scale of the disaster. The methodology included: (i) an academic literature review and interdisciplinary reflections; (ii) feedback from consultations with 28 local government leaders and bureaucrats; and, (iii) consultations with experts and agencies. This study tries to build on existing countrywide jurisdictions and initiatives to identify ways to address gaps to ensure an efficient DRRM architecture in the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Author: Bhandari, Dinanath; Neupane, Sachita; Hayes, Peter; Regmi, Bimal; Marker, Phil
Language: English
Pubished By: Oxford Policy Management
Pubished date: 2020

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