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Disaster Risk Reduction: Increasing resilience by reducing disaster risk in humanitarian action

The purpose of this document is to present DG ECHO s current policy, priorities, approach and practice on DRR. The document is aimed at a number of audiences, including staff in DG ECHO and other EC services, staff in its implementing partners, and other stakeholders interested in understanding the focus and scope of DG ECHO s support in the area of DRR. As presented in this document, DRR applies to all disaster contexts, including those in conflict. The document is divided into three sections, with additional resources and tools provided in an Annex. The first section presents the policy framework guiding DG ECHO s support for DRR in all its interventions. The second section explains how DG ECHO programmes its support for DRR, following the main elements of the programme cycle: assessment, analysis, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and learning. The third section provides operational considerations for those most directly involved in DG ECHO funding for the implementation of DRR
Author: European Commission
Language: English
Pubished By: European Commision12
Pubished date: 2013

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