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EU-funded drones help limit the impact of natural disasters in Malawi

Floods are a constant threat in Malawi. In 2015, half of the country was hit by the worst floods on record, affecting over one million people. To help manage the risk of disasters and limit their impact, the humanitarian organisation COOPI implements early warning systems and regular evacuation exercises with the help of EU aid funding. Thanks to EU support, COOPI is also using drones to create a database of vulnerabilities and hazards in the districts with the highest flood potential in Malawi. The drones collect thousands of images that are later transformed into detailed maps which allow residents to locate their houses, potential shelters, and evacuation routes; an exercise that benefits both scientists and locals.
Author: EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations
Language: English
Pubished By: EU Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations
Pubished date: April 2018

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