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European floods: using lessons learned to reduce risks

In June 2013 Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and, to a lesser extent, Switzerland, suffered devastating floods. Besides over 20 deaths, thousands of people were forced to seek temporary shelter as the Danube, Inn and other rivers overflowed their banks. Early estimates anticipate property damage resulting from these floods of about EUR 17 billion. Zurich Insurance Group risk engineers who were on the ground and witnessed the effects of 2013 flooding first hand believe that the extent of damage need not have been so high if some of the lessons learned in 2002 floods had been better applied. This report is based on their observations of what areas deserve closer attention in efforts to make communities more flood resilient. It is crucial that what was learned in 2013 is put into practice before the next major floods occur. Ignoring these lessons will mean that next time around, the scale of the tragedy, and the costs could be even higher.
Author: Zurich Insurance
Language: English
Pubished By: Zurich Insurance
Pubished date: 2013

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