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Flood Adaptive Vegetable Nursery Technology

Flash flood triggered by incessant rainfall or river overflow damages nursery seedlings every year in flood plains of Nepal. A farmer has to bare huge loss in buying seeds and preparing the nursery again, not to mention after they face damage once, there is a chance that plantation is made in the wrong season. These affect food security, income and nutrition since vegetables are important components of our diets. It is quite difficult to revive healthy seedlings after flood damage. However, possible flood damage can be prevented or minimized by adopting suitable vegetable nursery technologies. This technical brief provides detail constructional procedure for different kinds of vegetable nursery beds as per the trend of flood level in the area. Appropriate ways for planting seeds, nursery management and transplanting have also been recommended, thereby helping vegetable farmers of flood prone region to produce healthy seedlings irrespective of flooding impact in the area.
Author: Khadka, Rakesh
Language: English
Pubished By: Practical Action
Pubished date: July 2018

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