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Flood Early Warning Systems in Nepal: A Gendered Perspective

This report presents the findings from Nepal, but the findings are relevant for those working in the HKH region and beyond. Through such studies ICIMOD aims to sensitize those involved on the need to integrate gender into flood early warning systems and to develop policies that encourage the participation and awareness of men and women and thus contribute to reductions in the loss of lives and livelihoods. The study has improved understanding of the existing flood early warning systems in Nepal, and suggests ways to make early warning systems more effective and responsive to the needs of vulnerable groups, and women in particular. The primary users of this report will be key national stakeholders, policy makers, planners, and community members who are at risk from flood hazards in Nepal.
Author: ICIMOD
Language: English
Pubished By: ICIMOD
Pubished date: 2014

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