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Flood risk assessment and forecasting for the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna river basins

This report summarizes recent analytical work on flood risk management in South Asia through the implementation of transboundary knowledge generation and sharing. The work included two distinct but linked activities, conducted with the support of the South Asia Water Initiative (SAWI; • A transboundary flood risk assessment for the Ganges River basin • An improved transboundary flood forecasting system for the Ganges-BrahmaputraMeghna basins These activities are more fully described in the original technical publications: • Flood Risk Assessment for the Ganges Basin in South Asia: Final Report, Volume I (technical report) and Volume II (risk atlas) (RMSI 2016a, 2016b) • Evaluation of Flood Forecasting Predictability: Technical Report (Hopson and Priya 2017) The reports and tools from these studies are available to guide flood planning and the development of operational platforms for flood forecasting, decision support, and early warning systems. For more information, including the original technical documents, see
Author: The World Bank
Language: English
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Pubished date: 2017

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