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Flood risk reduction in the northern coast of Central Java Province, Indonesia: An application of stakeholder’s analysis

The northern coast of Central Java Province, Indonesia, is considered as the critical area of flooding. The area always suffers from flooding because of heavy rainfall and/or sea level rise. Flooding brings a lot of consequences, including people’s suffering, property damage and property loss. A number of efforts have been carried out to manage flood problems, yet the achievement is incomplete without stakeholder involvement. Stakeholders have a very important role in flood risk reduction. A common understanding on the existence and role of stakeholders is important in achieving community resilience. The aim of this article was to analyse interest and cooperation among stakeholders in flood risk reduction. In-depth interviews were conducted to identify and analyse interest and influence of stakeholders in relation to flood risk reduction. MIC-MAC (Cross-impact Matrix Multiplication Applied to Classification) and MACTOR (Matrix of Alliance and Conflict: Tactics, Objectives, and Recommendations) methods were employed to analyse collected data. The results of this study indicated that restoration and humanity are the key objectives with major influence in lowering flood risk. The objectives are critical for the success of flood risk reduction efforts. The Disaster Management Agency is identified as the main stakeholder with the most important role in reducing flood risk in Central Java Province.
Author: Muzakar, Isa; Fauzi, Akhmad; Susilowati, Indah
Language: English
Pubished By: Jàmbá - Journal of Disaster Risk Studies
Pubished date: July 2019

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