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Flooding and climate change

On a world scale, global warming and a consequent significant rise in sea level would have severe impacts for some low-lying coasts and islands. The consequences for the UK are in general perceived as amenable to technological control, such as through the construction of more resilient sea defences. Perhaps the best example is the Thames Barrier, which was erected to protect London from severe floods with a design that allowed for a predicted sea level rise until the year 2030.This chapter is possibly one of the first attempts to address the issue of coastal floods, from the perspective of human risk and the health consequences as a result of rising sea levels and a potential increase in storminess. Our analysis presents a complex picture in which we find significant limitations in the current state of hazard and risk analysis of coastal floods and recommends that these need to be addressed before the impact of climate change on human health can be satisfactorily estimated.
Author: Baxter, P. J; Moller, I; Spencer, T; Spence, R. J; Tapsell, S.
Language: English
Pubished By: Reino Unido. Department of Health. Health of effects of climate change in the UK. London, DH
Pubished date: 2001

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