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Floodplain buyouts: An action guide for local governments on how to maximize community benefits, habitat connectivity, and resilience

This Action Guide highlights communities across the country that have established programmatic and management structures for floodplain buyouts to make the most of acquired properties. We offer practical, implementable recommendations for communities on how to optimize use and management of buyout properties to provide habitat and improve community resilience. Finally, we provide opportunities for organizations or agencies interested in conservation or wetland restoration to be valuable partners for local governments in the floodplain buyout process.
Author: Kihslinger, Rebecca; Streitwieser, Amy; Lerner, Michael; Moraga-Lewy, Nora; James-Kavanaugh, Kelsey; Salvesen, David; Anagnost, John; Chandler, Tait; Foster, Candace; Liu, Shanwen
Language: English
Pubished By: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s Institute for the Environment and the Environmental Law Institute
Pubished date: 2017

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