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Gender and Age Inequality of Disaster Risk: Policy Brief

This policy brief accompanies, and summarises the report with the same name. The study explored the connection between gender and age inequality and disaster risk, examining evidence at a global level and in three case study countries considering earthquake (2015) in Nepal, flood (2015), cyclone (2019) and drought in Malawi, and hurricane (2017) in Dominica. We considered context-specific evidence of differential impact in areas including mortality, healthcare, WASH, livelihoods, education, housing and migration, and developed a 6-step approach to provide a deeper, richer understanding of differential risk, underpinned by better, more inclusive data.

Brown, S; Budimir, M; Upadhya Crawford, S; Clements, R; Sneddon, A

Language: English
Published By: UNICEF and UN Women
Published date: 2019

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