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Gender and Climate Change

Nepal is experiencing impacts of climate change in various forms including rise in annual mean temperature and increase in frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events. Women, indigenous people and the poor are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Yet, people and communities - are least aware of climate change and its implications. Climate risk can be minimized by raising people’s awareness about climate change and its possible implications for their lives and livelihoods. This resource book is designed and developed targeting community based organizations (CBOs), especially women’s groups to build their knowledge and information on climate change and its implications. It also elaborates on dual roles of women as ‘vulnerable group’ to climate impacts and ‘change agent’ for building resilience in the face of growing climate change impacts and their disproportionate effect on women.
Author: Rai, Sneha
Language: English
Pubished By: Prakriti Resource Centre (PRC)
Pubished date: December 2018

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