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Generating multiple disaster resilience dividends

Investing in disaster-risk resilience brings ample direct benefits but for decision-makers, making the case for investments in disaster risk reduction (DRR) can be challenging. The multiple resiliencedividends narrative supports a broader business case for DRR investment. Investing in resilience can generate a wide range of benefits: protecting lives, loss reduction, and wider development, social, and environmental co-benefits. Highlighting the multiple benefits of resilience can increase buy-in, acceptability, and overall support for resilience-enhancing measures. Decision-support tools are useful for identifying and communicating these multiple dividends. Making the case now is important in the context of climate change, which is increasing risks, and at a time of massive global investment in infrastructure that needs to be made disaster-proof and climate-smart

Mechler, Dr. Reinhard; Deubelli, Teresa M.; McQuistan, Colin; Swenja Surminski

Language: English
Published By: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Published date: May 2019

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