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Green Bonds for Climate Resilience: State of play and roadmap to scale

This paper aims to deepen current understanding of the state of play of green bonds that are financing climate resilience-related assets, projects, and activities. The report contains an overview of the global state of play of green bonds with resilience-related use of proceeds, including highlights from select regions. The barriers for issuing resilience-related green bonds in four case study countries are identified and recommendations on how to address them are proposed. An analytical tool, the Green Bonds for Climate Resilience Capacity Assessment Framework, has been developed to inform this analysis and can in turn be used by public and corporate issuers to assess their internal capacity and external enablers to issue Green Bonds for Climate Resilience. Based on the analysis and findings, a roadmap to scale-up this promising tool is presented.

Qadir, Ujala; Pillay, Kamleshan

Language: English
Pubished By: Global Center on Adaptation
Pubished date: October 2021

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